Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Return of the TTC Knitalong!

Stay tuned for registration details in the next day or so.


Mark your calenders for Saturday, June 6 2009

The TTC Knit-along is back under new management. Beryl and Vivienne have passed on the organizational torch to some of the drunken knitters, but will still be advising us with their Jedi knitting wisdom.

What is this TTC Knit-along you speak of?
3 teams of knitters/crocheters start out in different areas in the city. We take the TTC (AKA Toronto Transit Commission) to other areas in the city, we knit on the TTC and frighten the riders with our pointy sticks. We hit yarn stores and we hit them hard. At the end of a full day of shopping, arms laden with heavy bags of yarn (purchased at a discount) we arrive at a predetermined location and award prizes. Everybody loves prizes, non?

This year we will be visiting many of the same yarn stores as previous years but we like to mix it up a little, so there may be some additions to the roster. Hopefully said yarn shops will be able to offer us the same discount as before. As with previous years there will be a small fee to take part. This year the fee will be a bit higher, as we would like to bring in some sort of charity donation component to the festivities this time around but at the moment all of this is still TBA.

-Totally jacked from Lisa (aka Needleaddict)'s awesome Ravelry thread in the TTC Knitalong Group. Go and join if you haven't already!

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