Saturday, June 5, 2010

Registration Update & some FAQ's

We can’t believe the enthusiastic response we’ve gotten so far! This is going to be a great KAL and all of the organizers are really looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new knitters again.


EAST RED is now completely full!

EAST BLUE has just one spot remaining on the team, so if you were thinking of participating, email us now at to grab that spot!

EAST BLUE is now completely full!

If people cancel we'll announce new spaces on these teams right away.


Q. Is registration still open?

A. YES! Registration will remain open until we have filled all the teams or until 11:00am on July 9th. We will create new teams whenever it is logistically possible, so hopefully we won’t have to close registration until the final deadline.

Q. Can I bring my child?

A. We don’t have an official policy about this, however, we do ask that you consider the age of your son or daughter and how they will feel and behave during a 6-7 hour day of yarn-shopping. People have brought babes-in-arms or portable strollers in the past without any difficulty, but mobile little kids between ages 2-9 tend to get bored and antsy with nothing to do but tag along with grown-ups all day.

Q. What about my husband / mom / donkey?

A. Husbands and moms have both joined us in the past! Other family members are also welcome, but we’re pretty sure most stores have a “no donkey” policy. The TTC also. Again, consider how enjoyable a day of yarn-shopping will be for your family member of choice!

Q. I have mobility issues, can I still participate?

A. Please contact us to discuss the route of the team you want to join. Team captains are happy to help out but unfortunately, the TTC isn’t fully wheelchair accessible yet. The East teams are all streetcar, and both Central and North involve subways, streetcars and buses.

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