Monday, July 12, 2010

The Winners!

After a long day of working hard at yarn-shopping our way around the city on the TTC, we convened at the Rivoli to eat, drink and discuss prize distribution. Serious business!

The first prize was a gift certificate from Mary Maxim, perfect for Drea who won No Cash For Stash (she bought the least yarn of any of the participants) after joining East Blue a little late in the game.

Kim of Team North won a free class from the Knit Cafe for her Knitting Fail -- a bead spill in the food court at the Eglinton Centre.

Team North's Haley Took Knitting to the Next Level: she bought a spinning wheel at Romni! Her prize was a shawl pin from the Knit Cafe; a little something to wear while she's spinning her next shawl's worth of yarn.

Jen from Central Orange was our Ambassador of Knit; she talked up knitting to some of the Muggles on the subway and was rewarded with an incredible knit-kit from Romni, a project bag and all the needles and patterns you need to get a new knitter started off right!

Erica from East Blue rocked the knitalong with a Fierce! Knitting project: a heavy wool colourwork sweater (you can see it a bit better if you click to embiggen the photo). Naturally her prize was a copy of Color Style contributed by Knitomatic.

Central Orange's Anastasia scored a sweet sweater kit from Kertzer in reward for the first Done, FO 'Sho - sadly my photos of her super cute stripey hat all somehow ended up blurry and unflattering. Maybe someone else can submit a better shot?

Mary from East Red won another beautiful Kertzer kit for the Best Knitticism: "Wow, I never thought yarn could be so heavy!" (Jun later said the same thing... with good reason!).

Central Purple's Becky had the best WTF, WIP? for her tunisian crochet mittens -- no one could figure out what was going on with them until they were almost complete. She scored a bonus TTC Knitalong captain's T-shirt and has already blogged to brag about her purchases and swag from the knitalong, so check her out at She was one of the other live-tweeters that day too @fantasticmio.

Nora from Central Purple wowed us all with her Fierce Knitwear - check out that lace detail! She won a great gift certificate from Lettuce Knit to fund her next fierce project with.

Danielle on East Red was the Knitting Pilgrim of the group, coming all the way from Hong Kong to knit on the TTC with us. Naturally, we gave her more to pack -- a great kit from Americo Original!

Katherine from East Blue took Ms. Knit Congeniality for just being so damned nice and helping out our captains a bunch - thanks Katherine! Her prize was a lovely Louet kit from the Naked Sheep.

East Red's Jun really did have reason to say that yarn was heavy. She definitely Needed a Sherpa, buying up over 24 balls of yarn that day. Check out the grand prize she won for this:

A huge gift basket of glorious yarns generously contributed by Spinrite!

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