Thursday, July 28, 2011

TTC Knitalong 2011 in Photos!

Better late than never I always say... and going through these has been a lovely way to re-live a wonderful experience. I can't say thank you enough to the LYS's for their generous discounts and prizes, the local yarn distributors and indie-dyers for their gorgeous donations to our swag bags and prizes, and of course all our participants!

The setup: getting ready the night before the actually knitalong... it was hard to divide up and distribute all this luscious indigodragonfly yarn, but we were good captains and we did it!

Short turning: my first shot of a TTC vehicle that day... as I walked up to the first yarn store from my house (yes, I live within a 15-minute walk of Lettuce Knit). Ironically this was the tone for the first 3 stops for Team Orange and we didn't actually ride the TTC until much later that day!

Will knit for tattoos: Hong arrived and impressed us all with her knit/tattoo t-shirt.

Also Known as Supermeredith: one of my incredible co-captains is my BFF of almost 20 years. This pose at one of the LYS's on our route is becoming a tradition! Last year was at the Purl, this year it was in front of some of Lettuce Knit's lovely wall 'o yarn.

Stashquisition: my first purchase of the day! Those 6 skeins of blue Sweet Georgia in the front are for Nadia aka madhatressTO. My measly 3 skeins of sunny beautiful yellow are piled behind so you can better appreciate the magnitude of Nadia's yarn purchases ;)

Camnesia: is what I had after we arrived at Romni. I did so much damage here that when she rang me up, the cashier kind of hesitated and then told me how much money I'd SAVED before admitting the total due. I loved it -- lets just say I saved a LOT of money here that day! FYI if you are also interested in saving your money... the sale here is on until the end of July and its an impressive 20% off everything in the store (including basement saleroom yarns!).

Ahhhhh: our next stop was a perennial favourite of mine. Americo Original, you always have lovely colours, beautiful displays and amazing contemporary samples to try on and be inspired by. I didn't go quite as crazy here as I did at Romni but I definitely scored my favourite yarn purchase here (mmmustard de-haired llama).

Table of yarn: I think everyone enjoyed the cool, quiet atmosphere whether they were buying or not. Here is Sophie, another big Americo fan, investigating some of the yarns that lined the centre table.

Boarding the 501: for our first TTC ride of the day, it was onto the classic Toronto Streetcar route. We rode the 501 Queen east towards our next destination.

Squirrels: and enroute we finally had a chance to sit and compare WIPs and FOs. This particular FO was a knockout - cuteness and incredible hard work all bundled into squirrel form.

Go east: and discover the Purple Purl! After an uneventful streetcar ride (other than the fact that we literally scared the muggles out of the back of the streetcar for our moveable stitch 'n bitch.

Running into the competition: we encountered team orange! They were just heading out when we arrived, and Lisa took a moment to brag about her scores.

Team green rocks: as you can see, our team was the awesomest! We finally managed a semi-organized group shot and got to include the delightful Jen in our shot.

But it has to end somewhere: so after a nice break and some knitting (and shopping) time, we got back on the 501 and headed downtown again.

To be continued... tune in soon for the details of who won what!

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