Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why I totally dig Knit-o-matic

by Yvette Leclair aka longyarn
Knitomatic is a small, cozy, inviting store. Entering its doors on a gray Toronto winter day, you feel immediately as though you’ve entered a cushioned yarn cocoon. In summer, it’s an escape from the noise. It feels so OK to sit down at the center table and knit or read pattern magazines for a while. 
Being a smaller store, it doesn’t have absolutely everything, but Haley, the proprietor, knows what her clientele likes and stocks accordingly. You may not find lace weight but you will find an excellent selection of worsted and chunky weights in a deep rich colour palette. There’s also an amazing selection of kits and sock yarn. 
Knit-o-matic believes in keeping the stock rotating. If you don’t mind shopping slightly off-season, and I sure don’t, you’ll get amazing deals on yarn and magazines.
& Don’t forget their awesome mascot Pluto :-)!!

You can learn more about Knit-o-Matic's great sales, products and latest news at knitomatic.blogspot.ca
Knit-o-matic is the first stop on Team Blue and is also on Team Red.

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