Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why Mary Maxim is Awesome

by Needle Addict

I know we all love the Purl, Romni and Lettuce but we want to do a shout-out to the other stores on the map.

Toronto’s Mary Maxim is not just acrylic sweater kits and Styrofoam craft cones. Yes, they do have acrylic, lots of acrylic, however perhaps in order to cater to a Toronto market, the Mary Maxim at Yonge and Eg also carries a nice variety of other yarns for those of us not so into synthetics.

MM tends to have a nice variety of reasonable priced work-horse yarns (Patons, Cascade, Kertzer) and some fancier yarns like Noro, Estelle and I have even seen Rowan and Debbie Bliss there on occasion. MM generally has a good selection of sock yarns at various price points and they usually have great specials/clearance items.

Since Mary Maxim has been added to the TTC KAL itinerary, the store has always been a favorite with attendees. Also I should add that on the 2010 Knit-along I picked up 8 balls of Cascade fixation for $1.99 a ball. Bargain time. It’s a fact.

Oh and don't forget Mary Maxim's house brand sock yarn Gemstones - its gorgeous, long lasting and super reasonably priced. There is also a great selection of other crafty supplies there, and a nearby pet store with cute bunnies!

Bob Hope wearing
a Mary Maxim Sweater

More facts about Mary Maxim:
  • They are a family-owned Canadian business
  • They were responsible for the oh-so-Canadian trend of Cowichan-inspired sweaters like the one Bob Hope is wearing here
  • Check out more about their products, deals and history at
Mary Maxim is on Team Yellow and Team Red.

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