Thursday, June 14, 2012

LYS Profile: Americo

I love to visit Americo at almost any time of year, but summer is probably my favourite. This little Queen West shop is always a cool oasis from the hot sidewalks outside. There are deep leather chairs just inside for relaxing in while you soak up the A/C and maybe knit a bit. The walls are hung with every fibre you can imagine in a stunning rainbow of on-trend brights, natural fibres and deep, rich colours--colours that are just unusual to catch your eye but neutral enough to knit up into wearable garments and accessories. The yarns you’ll find here are all unique to Americo and there is an emphasis on natively South American fibres like llama & alpaca. These lovely soft, luxurious-feeling fibres are balanced with plenty of wool, silk and cotton. And, as if this amazing selection of yarn isn’t enough, Americo always has beautiful patterns to knit, and sell the most beautiful leather bags and other accessories.

Also… this totally unrelated but in my head, everytime I say the name of the store its to the tune of “America” from West Side Story. La la la la la la Americo….

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