Friday, July 19, 2013

TTC Knitalong 2013 - The Final Countdown!

TTC Knitalong 2013 - Route Map & Schedule
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The 2013 TTC Knitalong is almost here! We're unbelievably excited to be bringing you the best knitalong yet. We've had some incredibly generous prizes donated and we've also made a few changes that we think are going to make this a better experience for everyone. Please read through some of these details to learn how this affects you as a participant.

New Prize Structure

We've got the best set of prizes ever thanks to super generous donations from Toronto Yarn Stores as well as our other sponsors. In the interest of fairness & also to streamline the process a bit, we've made the following changes:

  • When you pay your $15 registration fee you are automatically entered in a team draw for 4 prizes. This means out of the 12-14 people on every team, 4 people will win prizes. Those are pretty great odds!
  • We'll still be recognizing participants' special achievements like "Needs a Sherpa" and more, but there won't be quite as many of these awarded.
  • This year we are also very excited to announce a special new feature - a raffle for a SUPER SPECIAL GRAND PRIZE. Tickets for this raffle will cost $5 each and all proceeds from this draw will go towards increasing the funds we are able to raise for Sistering. Team captains will have these available at registration.

TTC Diversions

Everyone knows that Toronto only has 2 seasons: winter and construction! This year is no different and this means a few diversions from usual routes. Please check this link to see if any of these route changes might affect you as you travel to the starting point:

Team captains will be aware of any route diversions that might affect travel between shops however, so don't worry about researching your whole route!

Final Venue

As usual we'll be landing at the Rivoli for the final event! This amazing venue has been incredibly generous in allowing us to take over the upper level for a couple hours to wrap up our yearly event. In recognition of this we have to request the following concessions from our participants:

  • Absolutely no outside food or beverages are allowed at the Rivoli. All their revenue for hosting us comes from our buying food & drinks here so its extremely important to respect this!
  • We are also pushing the limits of their capacity so we have to ask that no outside guests be invited to meet you at the closing venue. Obviously you are welcome to arrange to meet them after the event wraps up, this will be around 6:30pm.

Beating the Heat

Summers in Toronto have been hitting record temperatures every year. The forecast for tomorrow is 26 degrees celsius. Now we know this sounds chilly compared to this week's average mid-30's heat, but its still a pretty warm day! Please plan appropriately and consider bringing sunscreen, parasols and most importantly, re-fillable water bottles. There will be opportunities to purchase cold beverages along the routes as well but better to come prepared.

Special Thanks

We couldn't do it without you!

Special Thanks to all our Amazing Sponsors!

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